Group Profile

JCEG is approx 5 billion USD turnover (FY:2013-14), globally recognized engineering and construction service provider. JCEG is state owned enterprise of Jiangxi province of China having a history of over 60 Years.

JCEG is a China top 500 enterprise, top 50 national construction enterprise and Jiangxi top 10 enterprise. JCEG posses top grade qualification for general contracting projects of building, municipal public engineering, highway engineering etc.

Having More than 2000 various professionals and technical staff JCEG now has 11 Subsidiaries, 2 Directly Managed Enterprises, 2 Joint Venture Companies, 1 Senior Technical School for skil development of its Manpower Resources and has also set up a state of art R&D centre for Technological developments.

JCEG has endeavoured to build its brand image of being,

“Powerful, Credible, High-Quality and Responsible”